Hvervis Galleri
Inner Space
30.04.22 - 2.08. 22

In the works of the exhibition, all of which are among her most recent onces, Cohen uses untreated wood as a basis for geometric structures that can be seen as references to painting, a kind of fragmentation or deconstruction of traditional Painting where the frame material is disassembled and painted on instead of a canvas. The Painting thus does not show a picture, the frame material forms an architectural, minimalist space where colour surfaces meet and merge in light and shadow. The space within the work is thus both obvious and mysterious.
Throughout her career of over fourty years, Jeanine has engaged in such spatial explorations using the basic elements of the Painting in the absence of recognizable imagery. There are sharp lines, clear shapes and colour combinations that often range outside of those we are familiar with from painting history. Her works are of various dimensions, often quite large, in direct conversation with the architecture they are installed in, and with the human body. In this exhibition, however, she presents smaller works, which one see as in bust-size if they were portraits.

Birta Guðjónsdóttir